1. Riotfest lineup is ridiculous! Rancid, Brand New, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Against Me!, Glassjaw…can’t wait!!

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    Shut up. What?! I wanna go.
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    Dunno how good some of these bands are gonna be now that they’re old and released bad songs. Damn I wanna see Motorhead,...
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    my natural instinct was to make fun of this at first but then I started reading and god damn, that’s a pretty impressive...
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    w t f my mid teen self is crying
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    I can’t believe this???? I might make my first road trip??
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    oh my fucking god i love this town
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    *cries* I wish I could go to this. My brain would explode of all the greatness! Glassjaw alone!!!
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    Reggie and the full effect, Saves the day, glassjaw, bayside, pennywise,against me!, screeching weasel, peelander-z. say...
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    this is fucking ridiculous
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